The Whalehead Club: Private Estate turned into Tourist Destination

The Whalehead Club is a beautiful park in Corolla, on the north end of the Outer Banks. It is good for picnicking, touring the early 20th Century mansion, and often for birding. Corolla Light and historical Corolla Village adjoin the estate’s grounds. Entry to the grounds is free; house tours have a nominal fee.

The Wright Brothers Memorial

The Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills is a national memorial preserving the location of the first manned, powered, heavier than air flight. It includes the memorial itself, on top of Big Kill Devil Hill, the original tracks used to launch the Wright Flier, a full sized metal model of the flier and replicas of the buildings the Wrights used on the site. It does have an entry fee.

Wildflowers Opening in the Blue Ridge

4 April 2017 Spring is coming to Skyline Drive this week. The trees are still bare, but leaves are opening on the lower bushes. And the first wildflowers are opening. I found coltsfoot and liverwort along the Keyser Run fire road near Little Devils Stairs (mile post 19) on Saturday. Other wildflowers, including wild violets,…